Light Design Competition Advance Registration

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*If one person applies for multiple proposals, please register in advance for each of the works.
* When applying in a group, only one representative for the group should apply.
* Only Japanese or English can be used.
* Regarding email addresses, we do not recommend using emails for mobile phones because there is a possibility of character limit and transmission / reception errors.
* If you are using a function such as domain specified reception, please enable reception of emails from

After registration】

We will send an automatic confirmation email to the email address you provide.
At a later date, the secretariat will send you information, including you registration number and an explanation of subsequent application procedures.

If the automatic response email hasn’t arrived:

・ Please check the junk mail folder.
・ Please check if your email address is set to allow only messages from registered email addresses.

If you still can’t find the automatic response email:

・ You may have entered the wrong email address; please register again.
・ If you register multiple times and you still can’t receive the email, please contact the secretariat (

【Conditions of participation】

1: Anyone can participate regardless of nationality, age or gender. However, documentation and support will only be provided in Japanese and/or English.
2: Those who can actually make a work and apply for the second screening if they pass the first screening. (The production work can be a prototype that communicates the design intention).
3: Does not infringe on other patents, designs, or intellectual property rights.
4: In principle, the winning works will be posted on the Akari-image website and carried on social media.
5: Permission is given for he submitted work materials to be used for articles and announcements about Akari Image, without the additional permission of the applicant and photographer.

Advance registration Form

    Tsunagu Design Management executive office will collect certain personal data from participants. That data will be managed in accordance with Akari Image privacy policy, and will only be shared with any third party in accordance with applicable laws or with permission.


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